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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Ethical Chef: New webisode series to kick start vegetarian revolution

 By Gareth Rogers and Deri Reed

Seven years ago I dropped out of my computing degree at the University of Manchester and was both a meat-eater, as well as working in a takeaway. At this time of my life, I had a very negative outlook on my future, but then I came across a book called MEAT by Hugh Fearnely-Wittingsall and was the catalyst for my passion for food and the inspiration for my catering career.

After finishing the book it all made sense as to why my mother had decided to bring us up on a vegetarian diet and so I decided to explore vegetarianism further, and where better than the best vegetarian restaurant in the world – Café Paradiso in Cork.

My goal when moving back to Wales from the adventure was to open a vegetarian restaurant, but living in the small town of Carmarthen, the idea just humoured my friends and worried my family, so I moved to Cardiff and EthicalChef was born.

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