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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Meat-Eating Men Considered To Be ‘More Masculine' Than ‘Wimpy' Vegetarians

Vegetarian men are ‘less manly’ than meat-eating males, a recent study has revealed.
According to research published in the Journal of Consumer Research, men who prefer to nibble a green salad at lunch and tuck into tofu rather than a steak are considered to be less macho than their meat-eating ‘beefcake’ counterparts.

The study investigated the link between the words ‘vegetarian’, ‘meat’ and ‘masculinity’ by examining people’s word associations with certain foods. 

Researchers asked participants to rate the masculinity of foods like meat, dairy products and vegetables. 

They discovered that the majority of people classed meat (in particular ‘muscle meat’ like steak) as ‘manly’ and used masculine words when associating the food to metaphors. 

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