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Monday, 1 July 2013

10 great tasting wines that are surprisingly vegetarian

  (by www.greenerideal.com)

Being a vegetarian, you’re asked the same old questions; “But if you’re a vegetarian, why do you wear leather” and “is what you’re drinking vegetarian?” Actually, thanks to developments in fabric production, we now have synthetic alternatives to leather and yes, what I am drinking is vegetarian, I can assure you, I have checked. 

But when on the rare occasion I find myself in the company of other vegetarians, I discover that some of my meat free friends aren’t avidly checking the labels of the alcohol they consume. Although I try not to judge, I do accept that the alcohol industry is not required to label their products as rigorously as the food industry. But this trend is growing, so now I tend to take the approach that if it doesn’t have a “V” it isn’t meat-free.

You can pin-point certain wine houses, vineyards and supermarkets online to see if they stock vegetarian wines, but luckily I’ve done the groundwork for you. So if some of you naughty fly by vegetarians have been drinking wines freely without checking the labels, you may find one of your favourites is in fact vegetarian after all!

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