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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Goats make perfect pet for a vegetarian

(from http://www.northernstar.com.au)

If you are sick and tired of pushing your petrol-powered mower around the backyard it might be time to get a goat. 

Not only do they keep your lawn down, according to Tassie Crocker of Clunes, they make great pets. 

"They're not aggressive, you can pat them and cuddle them, they like children," he said.Sites such as Goatfinder .com and Rent-a-Ruminant .com say they are ideal for getting to places that normal mowers can't get to and that goat mowing retards regrowth because their digestive system sterilises the seeds. 

"Their mowing is only as good as the length of time you leave them, but they will eat everything. Other animals won't eat weeds, but goats will eat thistles, anything," Mr Crocker said. 

He decided to get a goat because he was looking "for a vegetarian pet" and thought it was unfair to make a dog go vego. 

But in the two weeks he has had his Angora goat he has taken it everywhere and thinks they make great companion animals. 

"He goes in the car; he goes to the beach, wherever I go... He even sleeps inside at night. He's toilet trained, he looks at me and lets me know when he need he needs to go." 

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