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Friday, 26 July 2013

Grievous Birdily Harm - Vegetarian KFC protester flees after being punched by diners and pelted with chicken

(from http://www.thesun.co.uk)


A PROTESTER picketing a KFC restaurant in a 7ft chicken outfit was forced to flee after being attacked and pelted with poultry. 


Vegetarian Olly Tyler, 16, was punched and rugby tackled and ended up covered in sauce, chicken wings and nuggets. 


 He was not injured, thanks to his protective chicken suit, but was so shaken he said his protest is over. 


Olly said: “I was standing on a grass island outside the KFC so I was completely exposed. It was quite hard to see where the attacks came from because of the suit. 

“I’ve protested outside this KFC before and I was pelted with three chicken wings, but this time it was much worse.
“People threw sauce and chicken wings at me as well as chicken nuggets. When I left the ground was covered in them. 

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