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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Review of Little Chef

Will be reviewing different restaurants and eateries each week to review them for their Vegetarian Friendliness!

First up Little Chef
Choices for Vegetarians are:- 

·         The Veggie Olympic Breakfast
·         The Veggie Early Starter
·         Omelette Breakfast
·         French Toast
·         Pancake Breakfast
·         Cereals
·         Yoghurt Pots
·         Porridge
·         Eggs or Beans on Toast
·         Tea and Crumpets,
·         Toasted Teacake or Pastry

·         Nachos
·         Breaded Mushrooms
·         Soup of the Day (v option always available stated on menu)

Light Lunches
·         Cheese and Tomato Salad
·         Jacket Potatoes with Baked beans, Cheddar cheese or Three bean veggie chilli
·         Cheese and Tomato Sandwich

Main Meals
·         Veggie Burger
·         Spicy Potato and Parsnip Bake
·         Three Egg Omelette
·         Three Bean Veggie Chilli

None of the desserts are marked as vegetarian friendly and even a quick glance can see at least 3 (as they contain marshmallows) are not.

Main Review

I have eaten at Little Chef a few times when travelling up North or down South, and have had varying experiences with their food.  In one Little Chef, the portions of the “Olympic breakfast” were so small we had to order extras to go with this, in another it was a really large portion and what you would expect for close to £8. 

Having a look at their cooking facilities (which are open to view) it seemed like no care was taken when it came to separating food, when cooking multiple orders it seems like you cannot be guaranteed that your food will not be cooked with a meat or non-vegetarian product as they seem to use the same grills and fryers for everything.

In conclusion, big choice of breakfasts but not so brilliant on the other options and desserts need to be clearly marked.

2 out of 5 Tomatoes Awarded - sorry Little Chef 

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