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Friday, 5 July 2013

The Logic Of Vegetarianism

(by http://thelinkpaper.ca)

Some time ago the Link Newspaper carried an article and photograph of Ravi Chand and Sangeeta Kumar titled “Vegan Pair Credit Traditional Indian Values for Imparting Bounty of Compassion”.

I congratulate these two for promoting compassion towards animals. However, let us look at vegetarianism from a wider angle:

In every activity of life we like to have positive results for others and ourselves. Vegetarianism is a lifestyle that is positive and benefits all people, animals, natural resources and the atmosphere. Unless we examine this subject, we will not see the merits of vegetarianism, and will not modify our lifestyle to reap positive benefits.

Let us consider the benefits of a vegetarian life:

No.1. Health: a vegetarian lifestyle promotes better general health and longevity. It has been estimated that vegetarians live approximately seven years longer than non-vegetarians do, and are generally healthier. This lifestyle also helps to maintain proper weight, and decrease the epidemic of obesity and diabetes. For health, there is ample protein in a balanced vegetarian diet.

No. 2. Conservation: Vegetarians can be supported by half an acre of land, but non-vegetarians require three and a half acres of land. This is because of the need for pasture and land for growing grain and hay to feed cattle. Enormous quantities of water are required for producing and slaughtering animals. It requires 15 lbs. of grain to produce 1 lb. of beef. This is the law of diminishing returns, and no sensible person will like to make such investments.

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