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Monday, 19 August 2013

How to tell if wine is suitable for vegetarians or vegans

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Red, white or vegetarian? Not a question you're likely to get asked by the wine waiter at your favourite restaurant, but perhaps it should be.

I've written about this subject before and make no apologies for returning to it here, for it's always one that guarantees a healthy postbag.

An increasing number of wines available in the UK are suitable for vegetarians – Tesco, the UK's largest wine retailer, puts the figure in its own range at more than 50 per cent, although significantly fewer are suitable for vegans.

Most retailers are also making it increasingly obvious on the label, although it has to be said the logos are quite small and really have to be looked for. But there is no obligation for winemakers to state whether they've used animal products, which means, particularly in restaurants, you struggle.

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