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Monday, 16 September 2013

Leona Lewis Creates Cruelty-free Fashion Guide

(from http://www.contactmusic.com)

Animal-loving singer Leona Lewis has put together a shopping guide to help fans interested in buying cruelty-free fashion.

The Bleeding Love hitmaker, a staunch vegetarian and longtime animal rights campaigner, admits she would love to purchase leather shoes and handbags, but she is committed to only buying items made without animals products.

In a post on her blog, Lewis writes, "Yes, it's true I do often drool over the latest Laboutin (sic) collections. How I'd love to run around and catch a glimpse of that red sole on my feet. Oh how I daydreamed of owning an oversized tote a la Mulberry... But I soon snap out of it when I realise that the chemically treated, drummed, stretched, dyed leather in that pretty pink shoe or the slouchy Topshop bag was once part of a beautiful creature that suffered at the hands of humans."

Lewis goes on to list her top tips for finding animal-friendly outfits, including brands and websites selling faux-skin designs, and she also explains the different symbols printed on labels that indicate materials used.

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