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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Inspire don't Preach!

Getting pretty sick of the comments from vegans lately, have been told on a number of occasions now that I’m good....but I’m not good enough!

Everyone has their own mind and own choices in life, stop trying to force your views onto others by telling them they are not good enough.  You need to be an inspiration for others to follow your example not belittle them and throw facts at them left right and centre, people need to make choices for themselves not be forced into a corner. I have yet to speak to a Vegan who hasn't forced the issues with me and all of them in an extremely hostile way. 

The latest example of this:- went to Vegfest in London yesterday, was really enjoying my day and decided to go and see David Straitjacket perform.  He walked onto the stage and said “any vegans here” a few hands shot up, “any vegetarians here” few more hands shot up, and he then said to the vegetarians “your good but your not good enough, go vegan”. Stopped me enjoying what was otherwise a really good performance from him as I was angry.

Who gives any person the right to tell me I’m not good enough??? Think that is going to motivate me to go vegan? How about saying “there is some great information at this venue about the dairy/egg industry and some great vegan recipes, pick some up, have a read, try them”, that would INSPIRE ME.

I have never forced being a vegetarian at anyone, I respect everyone’s right to eat what they wish, I try and inspire people to go meat free, try the vegetarian lifestyle, have a few days a week without meat or at least to change to free range eggs and organic meat but I don’t stand in their face and say YOUR NOT GOOD ENOUGH!  I provide information about the benefits of being meat free but without being patronising and negative towards them.

Be a role model not a preacher!  More people will be willing to listen and be more open to change.

We need to inspire the vegetarians and vegans of tomorrow and they will in turn inspire and encourage others.

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