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Thursday, 10 October 2013

McDonald’s Includes Vegetarian Choices on its Menu

In 2002, McDonald’s withdrew its vegetarian burger menu. Ten years later, the American giant turns again to vegetarians by offering two new option wraps with vegetables. The comeback sandwiches are 100 percent certified meatless.

The veggie burger was withdrawn in 2002 from the menus due to poor sales. However, recent trends show that vegetarian consumer-products are very popular.  Consequently, McDonald’s may have much more chance of success than 10 years ago.

We applaud the arrival of Wraps Mediterranean and Santa Fe that promote corn, black beans, hummus, cheese and other vegetables!

While it certainly looks like a healthy choice, full of color and much better than a Big Mac, nutritional information on packages do not indicate that they are the most dietary sandwiches.

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