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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Meat mix-up row for supermarket

A muslim customer wants action after he found pork in a supermarket’s ‘veggie’ pasties. Aisha Iqbal reports.

A West Yorkshire supermarket is embroiled in a new food labelling row after a customer found a pork sausage in a pack of apparently vegetarian pastry products.

It’s the second time in as many months that Morrisons has been criticised for a packaging blunder over its cheese and onion pasties.

After the last incident, the chain had promised to investigate to ensure the error would never happen again.

Public sector worker Naeem Khan, 38, contacted Consumerwatch after he bit into a ‘vegetarian’ pasty he bought at Morrison’s in Castleford - and found himself biting into a pork sausage.

As a strict Muslim to whom pork products are forbidden, he said he was left disgusted and feeling ill.

He complained to the store and to the supermarket’s Bradford headquarters, but says he has so far had no explanation or apology.

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