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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Review of Henderson’s Restaurant Edinburgh

Based on Hanover Street in Edinburgh, Henderson's has been hailed by 'Scotland the Best' as a 'Scottish Pioneer', a groundbreaking business that changed the nation forever. The shop first opened in 1962, providing an outlet for the produce of Janet and Mac Henderson's East Lothian farm.

As it’s a Vegetarian Restaurant everything and anything is for veggies with a whole choice for vegans and lots of gluten free options too. Dishes change daily depending on the availability of seasonal vegetables, below is a sample menu from Henderson’s. 

Light Bites 

Henderson's chunky vegetable soup
Spiced apricot and lentil soup
Cherry tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese croquette
Spicy bean pate or lemon and rosemary hummus, served with bread or oatcakes 

Main Meals 

Broccoli and brie crumble with tomatoes, mixed peppers and onions, topped with toasted seeds and nuts
Cauliflower and chickpea curry with coconut, chilli and coriander, served with basmati rice
Spinach galette with layers of tomatoes, spinach, potatoes, cheddar cheese and a rich tomato sauce
Henderson's famous vegetarian haggis, made with lentils, kidney beans, mushrooms and spices, served with 'neeps and tatties'
Courgette, mushroom and spinach lasagne, made with a cream cheese and white wine sauce 


Savoy cabbage, apple and raisin in a light yoghurt and mayonnaise dressing
Brown and wild rice with tamari sauce and sweet peppers
Beansprouts, mixed peppers, smoked tofu and ginger
Grated carrot, cheddar cheese, red onion and watercress
Fresh beetroot and water cress with a mustard dressing
Sweet potato, roasted mixed vegetable, rockette and parmesan
Courgette, mushroom, mangetout and poppy seed, with an olive oil dressing 


Chocolate nut cake
Dried fruit, fresh apple, sour cream and ginger
Mango and passion fruit creme brulee
Belgian dark chocolate and coffee pot
Fresh fruit salad
Cherry pie 

Main Review 

I was a bit shocked when I first walked into Henderson’s as was not expecting the canteen style layout and as we were the only customers stood at the counter I felt a little under pressure to make a quick decision, stood there with my tray. I do prefer to take my time and read all the options before I make a choice.

I ordered their famous vegetarian haggis with neeps and tatties in honour of my Scottish dad.  I also chose a slice of Chocolate nut cake with a delicious big dollop of cream (you could have cream, crème fraiche or yogurt).  To drink I had organic cola. I was pretty shocked at the price as wasn’t expecting it to be quite so expensive considering its canteen style (almost £40 for 2 mains, 2 slices of cakes and 2 drinks). We were given a wooden spoon and made our way to a seat to wait for the meal.  The gentleman on the till did not seem in a very good mood.

The atmosphere and decor was very arty and very rustic, I can imagine a little too rustic for some peoples tastes.

When the Haggis arrived all snug in its filo pastry blanket, neeps and tatties all surrounded by what I think was a red wine style gravy/sauce, I was so excited to try this and the first mouthful was everything I was expecting, however, after that, every mouthful tasted the same, the gravy/sauce was so strong it overpowered the whole dish. I ate around ¾ of the dish before I couldn’t eat anymore of that gravy/sauce.

Then I started on my pudding of Chocolate Nut Cake and I can say it’s one of the best slices of cake I have ever eaten, It was deeeeeeeeeelicious.

In conclusion, I was so disappointed at a) the canteen style set up b) the haggis main course and c) the price. Positive things were the waitress we had was lovely and friendly and the chocolate cake was amazing. I don’t think I will be visiting Henderson’s again.

2 out of 5 Tomatoes Awarded (they got one full tomato just for the cake)

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