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Monday, 10 July 2017

Passenger was offered a box of raw vegetables as the ‘vegetarian option’ on a flight!!

It’s not always easy travelling as a vegetarian, as one passenger discovered while aboard an Aegean Airlines flight.

The Greek carrier brought over the requested vegetarian option come mealtime, dubbed “Vegetarian Oriental”.

Reddit user musterknabe posted a photo of his specialist dish on the social news aggregation site, showing what appears to be a polystyrene box filled with raw strips of carrot, red pepper and celery.

“I booked my flight online and chose the ‘Vegetarian Oriental’ meal,” musterknabe wrote on Reddit. “This is what I got.”

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Im sure we all find it frustrating when we ask for the vegetarian option on flights or any other sitiation, The amount of times when I get told "well we have a fish option" and I have to say noooooo we dont eat fish, then we get offered the cheese option and you ask if its veggie cheese to get "its cheese of course it is!" then we spend 5 mins explaining that not all cheese is veggie, then the major bugbear a dish with PARMESAN its like people have no clue you would think big companies would spend a little time making sure the dishes they offer vegetarians and vegans are actually suitable for them. Rant over....

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